9/21/15 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Wednesday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 21. September 2014 19:18

Update on my Mom for those of you that followed my blogs last year when she was so sick:  it's now been exactly a year since I thought my Mom was critically ill.  We still do not have a definitive diagnosis.  Some doctors thought it was fibromyalgia, some thought it was cluster migraines, while others thought it was just a Vitamin D Deficiency.  Thankfully the right combination has gotten the migraines under control for the time being.  The thing is, it appears every so many years my Mom suffers from migraines for a period of several months to the point where she can't keep food down or function out in the world.  I guess this is due to the type of migraines she has.  But, more troubling is the amount of pain she is in with her neck and back every day.  She still cannot hold her grandson because the pain is too immense.  In the evening she has to stand and pace while she watches TV.  Many times throughout the night it is the same way.  She's far from feeling even just semi-OK and thankfully the Cleveland Clinic has accepted her.  She travels up there today to either A) get a true diagnosis on whether she has fibromyalgia, B) how to manage her pain if it's option A, or C) something altogether different that we are not aware of is causing the problem.  Whatever it is, I hope they can help her neck and back pain.  She can't travel, work, or take care of her grandson.  I want my Mom to be able to have some kind of life again.  I will let you know what they discover!

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