The dangers of denture adhesives - Dr. Fred Peck

by Dr. Fred Peck, DDS 8. September 2014 06:30

Denture adhesives that are used as directed are safe. Those patients that have very loose ill fitting dentures tend to use an excess of denture paste to hold their dentures in place. Too much denture paste can lead to many problems. First the patient will get further bone loss because of uneven pressure on the existing bone and the denture will fit even worse. Denture paste contains zinc. An excess and prolonged intake of zinc can cause copper deficiency and lead to the potential of serious health issues. Zinc is an essential mineral contained in many foods and vitamins. However, too much can cause these problems, just as too much of many chemicals and minerals can cause health problems. See your dentist to ensure your dentures are fitting well. Denture paste can be beneficial when use properly. Another question to ask your dentist is how dental implants can totally eliminate the need for denture adhesives and hold the denture stable.

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