08/02/15- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal- Tuesday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 3. August 2014 18:48


How do you keep ‘The Honeymooners’ love for your fitness plan?  Believe in yourself and keep going! 

When you first meet a trainer, or experience a new fitness class, it’s easy to be jazzed about the project.  The issue that causes defeat, or down-right quitting,  is that voice in your head that is;  self-doubt.  “I’m not hitting my goals”, “I don’t see any change and I’m working so hard and missing out on that cocktail or hot fudge sundae.”

Success is instant!  Your body didn’t “instantly” get out of shape or over-weight.  It was a process to get that way and it will be a process getting improved health and shape.  Here are some ideas:

-Form a plan in advance for your fitness goals and how you plan to achieve them.

-Try clean eating, but allow yourself a small portion treat during your week.  Deprivation creates a sense of sacrifice and loss.  Rather, choose healthy foods which typically give you more energy and you can eat a lot more of them (one piece of Pizza Hut Supreme stuffed pizza has 410 calories, and 1090 milligrams of sodium.  Instead try 3 oz of baked chicken, a whole baked sweet potato, 1 cup of steamed green beans, and a small whole wheat, low-fat dinner roll.  That meal has about the same amount of calories, and a lot less sodium).

-If you feel run down or unmotivated, call a friend to walk.  Try to identify of your lack of energy is physical or emotional.  But, most importantly, don’t give up the goal!

You’re not going to love your workout, or clean eating plan every day.  No one does, but keep going for your best health!


 Tuesday 08/02/11- Workout Diary:


Pliometrics DVD- 60 minutes

Tuesday 08/02/11- Food Diary:


1 cup organic egg whites ( 120 cal)

whole wheat toast ( 80 cal)

A.M. Snack-

6 organic roasted no- salt almonds (50 cal)

grapefruit ( 40 cal) 


3 1/4 mahi mahi ( 80 cal)

Salad, 2 cup organic spinach, 1 tbls adamame, 3 asparagus, 1/4 cup brocolli slaw, 1 orange sweet pepper (78 cal)

 P.M. Snack-

1/2 cup non fat cottage cheese (80  cal)

Dinner- restaurant- approx. cal. count 

5 oz filet mignon- no sauce, no butter (500 cal) 

1 sweet potato-dry (181 cal)

 asparagus, no oil, squeeze of lemon(40 cal)

spinach salad, onion, light amount of gorganzola,  light amount of balsamic vinegrette (110 cal)

1 piecewhole wheat baquette( 80 cal)


9 oz of low-fat frozen yogurt( 150 cal) 


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