06/06/15- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal : Monday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 7. June 2014 17:55

paula b.

Summer picnics and swim parties are part of the fun of summer, but if you don’t attend these events with a plan, they can derail your workout goals, and leave you with a food hangover.  Let me clarify, I am not suggesting that you only nibble on carrot sticks while your friends chow down on German potato salad and 2 inch thick burgers.  There is COMPRIMISE AND MODERATION!

Instead of KFC fried chicken, (extra crispy can run you 510 calories and 33 grams of fat), cook a piece of chicken at home that you marinate.  You can throw it on the grill or take it pre-cooked.

Sandwiches are easy to bring with you.  Use low fat, low-carb whole wheat bread and get grilled chicken sliced from a deli that sells low-sodium, roasted meats which has fewer preservatives than pre-packaged deli style meats.  Load your sandwich with tomatoes, lettuce, sliced onions, green peppers or grilled zucchini.

If brats and hot dogs are in the menu, take a low-sodium chicken or turkey brat.  Organic markets carry a variety of flavors.  Eat without a bun with homemade slaw (see a recipe below).

Stay away from mayonnaise based potato or macaroni salad.  Sorry, but they are loaded with calories and can often pose food-safety concerns if they are in the sun without proper refrigeration.  Make one at home with 0% Greek yogurt or low-sugar vanilla yogurt.  Also you can make a tasty variety with EVOO and flavored vinegar and spices.  You may end up converting some of the guests to your kind!

Baked beans are actually not bad for you in reasonable portions.  You can find delicious varieties in the organic aisle that are lower in sugar and taste great.

If ice cream or fruit pies are offered, try having a small scoop of sorbet with fresh fruit on top.  You can also clean and freeze grapes or make homemade frozen bananas with some fine dark chocolate drizzled over the top for a refreshing after dinner treat.

Don’t let concern about the calories in typical picnic food to ruin your summer fun.  A little planning and clean eating mindset will allow you to participate, while staying true to your goals

Paula’s quick homemade slaw recipe:

Take broccoli slaw (in bags at the grocery), add ½ cup 0% Greek yogurt or low-sugar non-fat vanilla yogurt, 2 tbls. Craisons, 3 tbls. sliced green onions, roasted no-salt pine nuts, sliced almond or pecans, a dash of spices, lemon flavored sea salts or kosher salt, a dash of pepper.  Stir well and enjoy.

Thursday 06/06/11- Workout Diary:

Strength Train with trainer- 55 minutes

20 reps, 3 sets each 3 exercises

step up with single leg onto an 18" box with cable leg cuff on(2 plates) with a shoulder press holding 8 lb barbell

walking lunge with double lunge at the top of each stride- holding 10lb barbells


bent over rear butt kick with cable cuff (2 plates)

bent over rear delt raise- 4 lb barbell (rotator cuff sore)


single leg attached to cable cuff, knee to chest- 3 plates

arnolds- 8 lb


50 squats holding 18lb kettlebell

Thursday 06/06/11 - Food Diary:


1 cup egg whites, with spinach (125 cal.)

2 piece Ezekial whole grain, no gluten bread with calorie free butter spray (160 cal.)

A.M. Snack-

1 cup non fat cottage cheese (160 cal.)

1/2 cup of bluberries(30 cal.)


lo-carb wrap with 1/2 cup black beans, 0 % Greek yogurt, mango salsa, 1 oz turkey - (300 cal.)

Salad - spinach,  beets, zucchini, sunflower seeds, carrots, no calorie caesar dressing(Waldon Farms)(2 tbls)(100 cal.)

P.M. Snack-

1/2 apple( 40 cal.)

12 almonds, roasted, no salt ( 125 cal.)


4 oz grilled chicken kabobs( low sodium tariake ), pinapple, cherry tomatoes(210 cal.)

1/2 cup green napa cabbage, mushrooms, pea pods,scallion, garlic, EVOO ( 90 cal.)

3/4 cup brown rice (served under kabobs) (100 cal.)


1/2 cup raspberries, 1/4 cup breakfast cereal, 1/2 cup non fat greek yogurt (150 cal.)

Homemade popcorn ( 90 cal)


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6/8/2015 4:39:13 AM #

Nice post.
really love your post

Nadine Middendorf
Nadine Middendorf
6/8/2015 12:24:20 PM #

Great ideas Paula...going to try your slaw recipe tonight!
I also appreciate you actually putting menus up..gives me
ideas and inspiration! Nadine

6/8/2015 4:20:12 PM #

Thanks so much.  Im posting an interesting recipe that a reader sent me today.  Let me know what you think!

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