01/15/15- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Tuesday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 11. January 2014 13:40

Unfortunately, I’ve lost both of my parents in the last 6 years.  My father endured many years of failing health due to cardiac issues and a stroke.  He suffered declining health and we would rush to the hospital, believing we needed to say our goodbyes.  Then, like the Eveready bunny, he’d bounce back.  We did this pattern for two years visiting the intensive care unit at least 4 times. 

A very important lesson we learned was how important documenting his medications and communications with the medical staff was to his survival.  Keeping your families and your own record’s updated is critical for reducing medical errors and receiving proper treatment.   My family learned that the sick person needs someone else to be their advocate.

Tomorrow we will talk about specific information that you should keep ‘on your person’ on a card, in your car ( in case you’re in an accident), and your adult children and spouse or partner should carry a copy as well, in case you are unable to speak for yourself in a medical emergency. 


 Workout  01/12/11: Tuesday

P90X-back/Chest, abs 

Food Diary 01/12/11: Tuesday


4 egg whites, 1 cup spinach(100 cal.)

whole wheat toast, 1 tbls, sugar free jam (100 cal)

1 apple (67 cal)

A.M. Snack-


4 oz Mahi mahi  (85 cal)

Salad- 1 cup spinach, 1/2 sweet pepper,1/2 cup broccoli slaw, 1/8 cup beets (65 cal.)

1 apple ( 57 cal)

P.M. Snack-

1 cup protein cereal( 120 cal)

1/2 cup strawberries( 30 cal) 


 4 oz strip steak (180 cal)

1 cup steamed cauliflower( 50 cal)

1/2 cup whole wheat rotini, garlic, olive oil (149 cal) 

1 cup vegetable soup ( 130 cal)


1 whole wheat waffle, 1 tbls organic almond butter( 220 cal)


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