10/18/13- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Monday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 19. October 2013 07:43



In my Cooking Light Magazine I read an interesting article talking about the ‘organic halo’.

Organic halo describes that feeling when you buy something with the label organic, and the fact that it makes you feel like you are eating something ‘healthy’, so you can eat more of it!  It shows that even though specific dietary info is given on the nutrition label, the label tag-lines on the front give the consumer a false-sense of well being.  Well being about proper portions, salt and sugar content, and other ingredients.

You have to use your knowledge of basic principles of good nutrition when deciding how much to eat of anything, whether it says organic or not!

To read the definition of organic, click on this link from the system checker from the front of the web-sight, for this and other articles:

http://www.cincinnati.md/kbviewer.aspx?query=organic halo&s=1&hwid=zx3417


Monday 10/18/10- Workout:

stationary bike- 30 minute

strength training- back

upright single arm back pull -10 lb

seated row ( on door- 2 tubes)

bent over dumbbell row-8 lb

seated single arm back row- 1 tube


Monday 10/18/10- Food Diary :


 2 oz. Old Fashioned Oatmeal(167 cal)


1 cup egg whites, with spices (120 cal)


 A.M. Snack-


Apple (57 cal)


 12 almonds (87 cal)


proetein shake (150 cal)


4oz shrimp ( 90 cal)


2 cups raw organic spinach,


4 cherry tomatoes,


snap pea’s, asparagus, sweet red pepper, 1 tbls roasted organic sunflowers ( 120 cal)


P.M. Snack-

 6 oz Non fat Soft Serve Yogurt (yes…but it was great for my soul!) (130 cal)


3 tbls hummus, 4 whole wheat crackers ( 190 cal)


4 oz filet mignon steak ( 190 cal)


Yellow pepper , zuchinni, onion, garlic ( 55 cal)


Whole Tomato (32 cal)


1 cup brown rice ( 160 cal)





Homemade popcorn, I Can't Believe Its Not Butter spray, dash of Kosher salt ( 95 cal)


Total calories- 1477


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