8/24/14 Katie's Healthy Eating Journal: Tuesday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 24. August 2013 20:13

Today I am feeling incredibly nauseous. I need to fight it because I have a meeting at school, chores to do, and a 30 minute walk. I'm not skimping out on the walk just because I don't feel well. I have been using anti-nausea wrist bands - some people use them for traveling when they get seasick. It's hard to tell if they work but in my head they must because usually after I put them on the nausea wears off. Even if these pressure points don't work they must be doing something for my psyche that helps me to get control of the nausea. Either way, why does it really matter if it helps? Besides, I say don't knock it until you've tried it. Many people were skeptical of me with the acupuncture, too. However, for me personally, I'd much rather have an open mind to things than be close minded all the time. Wouldn't you? What's the point in being negative? You might as well be positive and believe it may work until it doesn't. I would say with all my heart that acupuncture played a huge part in getting us pregnant. I would never have been able to withstand the pain to try and even get pregnant because my endometriosis was so severe. I was five seconds away from my fertility specialist saying he would be putting me back into menopause for 9 months because he would no longer advocate me being in so much pain. If the test didn't say positive this was going to be the next step. Thank goodness for the acupuncture and that it did say positive or I wouldn't be 6 weeks away from seeing my baby boy! TUESDAY Breakfast - 100 cal English Muffin, 1/4 Break-free eggs, 1 Morning Star Veggie Sausage 1/2 cup no-sugar added applesauce 1 cup fat-free organic milk Lunch - Cedarlane Bean & Cheese Burrito Carrots Fat-free yogurt Snack - 3/4 cup cantaloupe Dinner - 2 oz. Laura's Lean Beef Burger 1 cup mashed potatoes Green beans with 1 tbsp. margarine Snack - 100 cal pack


Katie's Healthy Eating

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