7/23/13- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Friday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 24. July 2013 15:09

There has been a lot of buzz about grilling on the outdoor grill and about carcinogens.  The information describes how marinating meats, seafood, and vegetables protect you from the negative effects of outdoor grilling. Nutritionists believe that the marinade creates a buffer between the meat and the smoke and grilling process.

The good part is that marinating is so easy.  What ingredients work is only limited by your imagination!  Today I found a recipe to marinate halibut with honey, balsamic, orange juice and a splash of extra virgin olive oil.  Sounds yummy.  If you create something unique, e-mail it to us and I’ll share it with everyone.

 Friday 7/23 Workout: 

Recumbent Bike - 30 minutes

Biking on the street- 13.25 miles, 67 minutes

 Friday 7/23 Food Diary:


Organic steel cut oatmeal(150 cal)

1/4 cup blackberries, blueberries (28 cal)

A.M. Snack-

15 organic roasted, no salt almonds (120 cal)

Grapefruit ( 40 cal)


 4 oz.Orange Roughy  (90 cal)

Salad- 1.5 cups spinach, 1/4 cup beets, 1 small tomato,1/8 cup thawed organic edamame, fat free Caesar dressing (82 cal)

P.M. Snack-

Whole wheat toast, 1 tbls sugar free jam (90 cal)

1/2 cup baby carrots (35 cal)


 5oz chicken, white meat, grilled on grill (250 cal)

1/2 cup whole wheat pasta (160 cal)

8 asparagus spears, 2 button mushrooms( 40 cal)


 3/4 cup blackberries, 1 greel 0% yogurt, .5 cup high protein cereal (190 cal)



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