4/9/13- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Friday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 10. April 2013 16:16


People who are trying to improve their nutrition and change their body shape often think about having a salad for lunch or dinner (I enjoy having one every day.  It’s simple, nutritious and super easy since I par cook my veggies once or twice a week).

The thing that can make or break a salad as a healthy choice for food is the dressing you choose to put on top (as well as the cheese, and/or meats added for protein).  The biggest mistake that people make is adding Caesar, ranch, blue cheese or any other creamy based dressings.  They can make a beautiful salad into the calorie stratosphere of a burger!

I found a delicious dressings made by Waldon Farms (in the diabetic section) that are no calorie.  Or I will add 1 tbls. balsamic vinegar or glaze and one tablespoon extra virgin olive oil (EVOO).  Try squeezing a lemon with a splash of EVOO (healthy fat).

If you prefer cheese, go for shaved parmesan, or non-fat feta, low fat goat cheese or low fat cheddar.  Velveeta, blue cheese, or high fat cheeses add flavor, but also add a lot of calories (and the total keeps going up depending on which direction your choices go).

Meats such as lean chicken and seafood’s (especially shrimp, orange roughy, and scallops) make great salad toppers.

Think through your plan and salads are an affordable, portable meal anytime

 Friday 4/9/10- Workout:

Spinning tape- 55 minutes

Strength train- trainer at the gym: Timed- 15 seconds on/15 seconds off (as many as you can do)- 4 sets each

row biceps curl- 25 lb

leg press- 45 lb

close lat pulldown- 50lb/50/40/40

leg extention- 5lb/5/2.5/0

triceps overhead push forward- 35lb/30/30/30

shoulder press -8lb

sit downs (sissy squat)10lb

decline shest press- 12lb

biceps curl on preacher curl- 29lb

Friday 4/9/10- Food Diary:


grapefruit (40 cal)

instant oatmeal (120 cal)

small banana ( 60 cal)

A.M.  Snack-

1 cup pasturized egg whites,1/2 portion protein shake mix (175 cal)


2 3/4 tuna steak (145 cal)

Salad- mixed lettuce, beets, 1/8 cup lentils, 1/2 orange sweet pepper, 1 tbls sunflower seeds (120 cal)

 P.M. Snack-

apple (67 cal)

homemade popcorn (90 cal)


2 oz crab (90 cal)

2 glasses wine (200 cal)

bowl of high fiber cereal with 1 tbls Ovaltine(200 cal)


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