1/20/13-Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal:Wednesday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 20. January 2013 15:00


Colonoscopy: Part 1-

Today I am fasting because tomorrow I am having a colonoscopy. As I've spoke about before, I've been plagued by stomach/digestive issues that I've been dealing with for 4 years.  I've tried holistic medicines to try to keep a healthy balance of bacteria in my stomach.  I also tried accupuncture to alleviate my symptoms.  It did give me some relief, but a smaller level of symptoms persisted (and accupuncture is NOT covered by my Humana health insurance coverage). I also went to see a gastroenterologist.  That was not my best experience.  He was dismissive and condescending.  I use the prescription that he wrote for me daily (similar to Miralax), but I don't always feel that script does much good.

So, tomorrow I'm having a colonoscopy to rule out any other possible causes for this problem.  Doing this fast today as prep for the test,  is difficult.  I eat alot of food everyday ( I eat alot, but it is alot of veggies, fresh fruit, and seafood so it's low in calories), and I'm hungry!

I'll blog tomorrow about by experience.  Wish me luck!

 Workout  1/20/10: Wednesday

Treadmill- 30 minutes

Strength train- legs: gym

Hoist leg extention-66lb

Leg Curl-97 lb

Abductor- 50 lb

Adductor- 60 lb

Rear kick-70 lb

Calf raises-45 lb

Food Diary 1/20/10: Wednesday

Liquid Diet for Colonoscopy

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3/7/2014 4:05:10 PM #

What a super blog about colonoscopy. For some reason I cant stop reading about it.

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