She Said: Health Axiom #1: Drink Twice As Much Water As Everything Else

by leslie 12. May 2012 08:35

Dear Dr. B Healthy,

I call 'em as I see 'em.  And I'm ecstatic to hear you're entertained by the ordeals women endure to look good poolside.

Now about the everyday healthy stuff - I subscribe to my own set of unwritten rules I've dubbed Leslie's Health Axioms.  And it's fun to know they'll now be known as my 'written' Health Axioms. Oh how I do love this blog.

I've decided upon five axioms that I follow every day. Or as many days as I can manage. So for this week I'll address one at a time.

Leslie's Health Axiom #1 - Drink Twice As Much Water As Everything Else.

I love coffee. And no not the $4 a cup brand. I'm a purist when it comes to my java. Fresh and hot is all I ask. Its scent warms my soul and when I take my first sip, everything is OK in my world.

The flip side is that I feel the need to flush out the 'ol system every day.

I start first thing in the AM. After I pry myself from bed after the third snooze alarm and stumble to my fridge, I drink my first 8 oz. glass of water. (I pour a glass each night since my fine motor skills aren't humming until noon.)

Now I know lots of our readers are grossed out by the taste of tap water. I have a dear friend who drinks nothing but bottled water. If you're like me and not interested in breaking your back lugging bottles around grocery store parking lots, try a filtered container system at home. Just do whatever it takes to drink more water. Your kidneys and liver will thank you. You'll also see a clearer complexion, deter your hunger and just plain feel refreshed. Water just gives your body the basics of what it needs to
operate efficiently.

Tomorrow I'll deliver the details on Leslie's health Axiom #2. Just as soon I as make it up.

Now Dr. B, to answer your question that leads me to believe you really are living on the other side of the digital divide:

1.        My readers and I are proud members of the 'digerati.' I may invite you to join us . in a few months.
2.        A member of the 'digerati' who uses Twitter is a 'Tweeter.' So follow me @lesliebmd.


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